This is me, I usually have a cowboy hat on, it keeps my head warm and
protects me from getting scalped, I heard that cowboy hats were a variant to the mexican
sombrero that protected you and your eyes from the sun and jumping lajoya cactus. When after having a few at the local tavern and staggering out into the pitch dark looking for his horse (that was tied to the cactus) well you get the picture.
I`m not the one who will write about world shaking ideas or any of that,
but I will be the one who tells everyone about those ideas that someone else has,
and if the general feeling is that they are really great ideas then a lot of people will hear about them.
I started this web site because it seemed like the right thing to do
eventually I hope to post lots of neat stuff (like movies of my cousin Mike driving his robot around)
but for now I`m going to stick to the more important stuff
one really relevent thing was said to me at a NESEAconference
"do whatever you do as good as you can do it"
that one thought had special meaning to me because I always had felt that so few
of us have taken anything that we did seriously enough to care about doing things that good!
anyway my name is George and I`m lucky to have the pleasure of the company
of my wonderful wife Mary and beautiful daughter Erica
Mary is much smarter than me (mensa) and Erica can type code much faster
My skill is in getting to the bottom of problems with most of the things that would confound most mortals
I also get a big kick out of making neat stuff in the fire of a forge and can probably duplicate anything
that was made back when the only way to get something made out of iron was to visit the blacksmith.
I`ll have some sample pictures of the blacksmithing stuff up here soon enough
I am holding back from doing that business thing because my life seems too full of the mundane things
that consume what seems like all of my spare time leaving me little time to do any of the things that
I would like to do such as playing with my newest passion some antique tractors
Some of the reason for this problem in my time management deficit is that I keep busy as a volunteer for
the American Red Cross as a team coordinator and assistant communications officer as ARES liason,
I also mentor our new volunteers in our paper gobbling efforts to make all of our disaster clients a little bit
more at ease.
Another reason for my continued ineptitude in this longing for progress in a conservation of time is that every
which way I turn there is another worthwhile project needing my expertise, be it pvsquared or another
solar project at someones home needing attention, all of these efforts are in addition to being the only competant
mechanic in my own little neighborhood, I really should charge consulting fees for this at least, but don`t worry
I probably won`t. Also and that is a big ALSO I tried to keep a regular job maintaining all the avionics
equipment in my faithful customer`s airplanes as I had been doing for the past 20 years (long time)
but I finally and recently had to put that aside and get on with the rest of my life
as I have to do most of the updating and maintenace on 12 of the rental units that I have the pleasure of being
the landlord of. (yea sure) my goal is to sell all of it and move to the arizona desert someplace
but for now that seems just a dream....One of my favorite quotes is Pascal`s: "All man's miseries derive from
not being able to sit quietly in a room alone."
I have had a very tough time lately dealing with all of the above and myself, it seems to be a bit overwhelming
most of the time being me, so for all of you out there dependent upon me for something other than an earful
which I am not all that willing to share with anyone, you will have to be patient till some of my life is a bit more
in control than it is now, we all need prayers at times.