Sure would like to put something here other than our bio`s and cats and solar pictures as such, so send me some over unity devise that can stir world opinion or an actual anti gravity machine design.

We are all running on empty right about now and few of us seem to care being the mortals that we are.

but I believe there is potential for some development other than economic interest and darwins hopes for us sprouting wings are not far behind if we give ourselves half a chance.

example flying machines are more efficient than automobiles yet we still are afraid to develop them to everyday use, not a single flying harley yet, get with it guys and gals!

A gallon of gasoline weighs less than 20 pounds. How can it produce 20 lbs. of C02? Good question. Gasoline is not a simple chemical but a reasonable approximation is said to be* C8 H18. When burned completely a mole of this reacts with 12.5 moles of O2 to make 8 moles of CO2 and 9 moles of H2O. This is all a fun review of freshman chemistry and if I got the numbers right, the gallon of gasoline, at 6.17 lbs is 22.2% of the weight of the reaction products -- 27.79 lbs. Of this total, CO2 is > 68.5% or just over 19 lbs. So 77.8% of the dreaded CO2 is supplied by our wonderful atmosphere. This is the dirty secret behind the magic of hydrocarbon fuel -- you only have to haul a little bit of what makes all that energy! (this data courtesy of Mike Sasnett)