... The purpose of this site is to allow the global community an opportunity to open
a window into the world as it could be with (yea sure) everyones help
In the event that people really do start to work together to create such a place
then my lifes work will have been accomplished.
...In order to attain this lofty goal, everyone interested in participating
must contribute something, now were not talking about charitable contributions either
you (if your still reading this) must add something to this site to further that
global community ideal, by writing a short piece as to how you would go about
improving the situation we are in or by going out to your barn or workshop or
cellar (wherever) and making something with your own two hands that
(with picture evidence)proves your sincerity.
...So you see this site is going to be patient with your efforts, the object here is to
show, help, educate, and demonstrate, to everyone what might help our communal lot to
prosper into a saner more self sufficient and ecologically sustainable community.
All of your ideas are welcome,be they cottage industries, or world shaking idealism.